Emmie Arbel. The Color of Memory


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ISBN 978-3-95640-442-9
192 Seiten, farbig, 19 × 25 cm, Hardcover

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Erscheint im November 2024

Born in The Hague in 1937, Emmie Arbel and her Jewish family were deported by the Nazis in 1942. As a child, she survived the Ravensbrück and Bergen-Belsen concentration camps. When the war was over, she was eight years old. Her parents and grandparents were murdered in the Holocaust. But her own rescue turns out to be the beginning of a new path of suffering for the traumatized child.

Emmie Arbel looks back on a childhood and youth marked by violence, abuse, speechlessness and loneliness. But also a life full of rebellion, self-empowerment and humor.

Based on numerous in-depth conversations with Emmie Arbel, Barbara Yelin has created a haunting memoir that is also a reflection on memory itself.

The graphic novel "Emmie Arbel. The Color of Memory" was created as part of the international project "Visual Storytelling and Graphic Art in Genocide & Human Rights Education" at the University of Victoria, Canada. 40 pages of the book have already been published in the anthology "But I Live" (C.H. Beck) in 2022.

Barbara Yelin's highly acclaimed graphic novel is now also being published by Reprodukt in an English-language edition.

Edited by Charlotte Schallié and Alexander Korb